Random knitting thoughts


1) I’m looking at random knitting porn patterns at Ravelry, and I’m wondering if I can A) buy the yarn to make them, B) have the time to make them, and C) have the interest to make them. Because as we all know, I am a really bad guy to keep up with projects. I’m like a knitter with a permanent case of startitis, and I feel like a kid in the candy store when I’m looking at the exceptional and marvelous designs that people are creating. And all the while I am chugging along with my own design.

2) On that note, I need more yarn.

3) On an additional note, my own design is slowly getting bigger. Basic garter triangles go slowly in fingering and US4 needles. Also, I find it hard to rush genius. *nodnodnod*

4) Mom’s FPoL is almost done – the last color is being knitted in, and then I will work with the border. Finally.

5) I am one of those who hates weaving in ends. If I could, I would gladly change them into tassels and leave them there. However, that is not the aesthetic a sane knitter would prescribe to. Unless he was on some sort of mind-altering drug. Like coffee. But in the case of the shawl, the temptation is great.


Thankfully, after I start on the border, I can start with the hellish tast mentally exhausting deal chore of weaving in the ends and therefore make the project that much better.

6) At least I don’t have to deal with The Scarf and all of those ends.

7) …ye gods, all those ends. I better get more yarn and get another project in the making to drown out that thought.


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