Leap year hijinks


Now Listening: Hall & Oates – Private Eyes
Mood: Dazed and confused

For no reason at all other than my clock going haywire, I had this feeling that today was the last day of the month. I kid you not, I was having this monologue on how the month was all set up in my mind, then I checked the calendar for the date, and I’m in wild surmise. Shock is too strong a word for what I am feeling now. I might need more coffee for additional clarification.

So, I’m still doing things, like writing cross sections of Sailor Moon/Doctor Who fan-fics, knitting, drinking coffee. Stuff of that nature. Nothing really could be said about that, apart from the fact I am distracted with just living, I guess. That might get me this state. Additional data is needed.

Well, this past weekend had the Tio from NC come over and pop into a visit. Usually okay, but oddly enough, he seems just as distracted as I am. Could be the weather. We don’t get warmth of this kind until March, so our clocks might be out of whack. Anywho, he took me to the Brownsville Flea Market yesterday – first time in years – and I pretty much enjoyed myself looking at all of the sales and the things that people are considering salable.

Flea Market I Flea Market III Flea Market V

Only a few usable photos, alas. Most of them were shaky and blurred, but it’s alright. At least I got a few in.

I am also please to find the Autumn Damask is getting into the spring fling and blooming.

Autumn Damask II

The previous weeks had me looking at the bush with interest, seeing loads of buds all over the plant. Now I’m seeing deeply scented blooms slowly covering up the branches. I am happy to see this happen. I’m sure that after this blooming, I can take a few cuttings and see if I can propagate to make more! 😀 Either that or wait for the bees to come along and see about getting a few flowers pollinated.

Speaking of early risers, the Golden Buddha is living up to its namesake.

Golden Buddha

The weather is treating it beautifully, making it bloom so prettily. The flowers fade to a light apricot, as you can see, but that does not deter it from looking amazing.

At least they know it’s time to bloom.


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