Randomly, on a Wednesday


1. I am in pain.

2. Not in pain pain, more like soreness from deadlifts and seated rows Trying to perfect the form on deads alone is hard for a novice like me, but hey, at least I’m trying, right?

3. A while back, I cleaned out the closest right bookshelf, which is part of The Desk, and removed about twenty-some-odd softcover books from the collection. Then I gave the ones in the Closet Bookshelf a thorough look through and removed about fifteen or so books and magazines. It was a few days ago that I looked at the gaping holes in the right bookshelf and decided they needed filling up.

Bookshelf reorg!

I’m almost done with collecting the first shelf books.

4. I’m also doing a new project draft. Working model, of course.

New project on the needles

First it was a twiddle, nothing big, then I sketched out a few ideas and this is somehow plodding along. I’m thinking of some colorwork edging with extra stuffs. Or stripes. Might work. I have plans on publishing with Knitty this year. 😀

5. Yarn is recycled sweater yarn that I harvested from one of my first unraveling projects It’s been ages since I found a project suitable for this yarn.

6. I have taken the habit of dancing a bit at the gym. Not full-blown Moose Shuffle, but just a bit of grooving and minor breakdancing. Apparently no one really minds as long as I just lift the weights, which I do of course. A few folks have asked what I listen to, and I take off my earphones to give them a dose of my music. This has inspired me to set up a workout mixtape of my favorite stuff to listen to at the gym. I’ll post the link later on.

7. At least I haven’t brought my knitting to the workout. Yet.


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