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Alright, I sunk down to a past level of ennui that I should not have been in, but that is okay (no it isn’t) because I did so much (little) in such a short amount of time (six days? you call that short? really?). So, let us do a small running commentary and hopefully, we’ll do fine.

The roses are looking beautiful, if sparingly few.

Fragrant Cloud, enjoying the cool weather

Fragrant Cloud has only two blossoms, which is okay, but dang, they’re pumping out the perfume like no one’s business. The bush is living to its namesake.

Hot Cocoa, enjoying the cool weather

Hot Cocoa is doing fine, as you can see. Very fine.

Sealed With A Loving Kiss (SWALK) miniature rose.

Sealed With A Loving Kiss (SWALK) is throwing out an occasional rose, and I am too soft-hearted to get rid of them instead of letting the bush grow infrastructure – leaves and stems. Still, it’s beautiful.

I also got this beautiful plant.


Mom found this and two others on sale at the local supermarket. The others need a repotting, but research says not to do it until after they’ve finished blooming, so we’ll do fine until then. I hope.

I have finished a sock. Finally.

Perfect. Now to make the other sock.

The first Rye sock, with non-sewn graft toe. Instead, I used what is known as a Russian graft, which is basically a form of crocheted bind-off. It is very simple once you get it down, and way better then people looking at you funny as you try to do a sewn graft. I’ve used it for underarm sweater seams, and I was interested in how it would look with socks. As you can see, it barely creates a comment. I’ll post better photos later on when I finish the other sock.


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