I think I might be sick


Either that, or allergies. My left nostril is clogged and dripping. Sneezing at any moment. A very slight sore throat that is easily treated with a Halls cough drop (lemon and honey). But why should that matter? The rest of my body is fine and rearing to go. After another helping of coffee and knitting.

Unfortunately, I have not done much this past weekend for knitting, and instead helped clean the house a bit. Saturday was the fridge, Sunday was the garage. The latter I was somewhat lassoed into it; the former I did out of my free will. Both have the garbage bin teetering near disaster, but that is nothing to the mess I had to clean in the garage. Loads of wind-swept debris. Loads of cobwebs from forgotten corners. But hey, I can move the lawnmower around, now!

But that means nothing to me. I just call it house maintenance, and that basically means I can do whatever I can do and at any time. Including fixing holes in the drywall with insulation foam. More on that later.

I’ve been enjoying my forced leave with as much muster as I can. I have ever-dwindling funds, and I can only get coffee for so long. Thankfully, I got a few things (besides knitting) that can distract me.

Book haul!

Christmas didn’t get me much, but at least I got a $15 gift certificate from Amazon. To which I bought two books: Girl Genius Vol. 9 and how-to manual on how to play the ukulele. The first was a given, seeing I am busily collecting the series, but the second book is more important to me.

Back in 2014, one of the older sisters got me a nice lil’ uke and attempts to use online tutorials to teach myself to play ended up with me putting the instrument away. Hopefully with the book, I can get into strumming along and get into doing the occasional ‘concert’. i just need to put in an hour or so practice a week. At most half-hour. Maybe fifteen minutes? Hm.

At least I got a clean garage to practice in!

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