Breaking and shattering


Now Listening: Pizzicato Five: Çà et là du Japon – Kimono
Mood: Fashionable

You listen to that song, and you will be wanting to strut down the walkway. Like Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ but way more…hm…I can’t think of the right word. Hah.

Anyway, what’s been going on? I’m still in shock with the loss of the job, which is very odd. This might be something needing the counselor next week. Correction: It will. I need to get my head screwed rightly, and I need an unbiased discussion about it. Sure, I can ask the family, but knowing them, talks will devolve to the usual skipping record based on past performances. Do not want.

I know I swore to put something in the blog everyday, but one can take so much of my drivel, so I took a few days off while I just goofed off. I don’t mean completely goofed, I did put in gym time. And gardening time. And, of course, knitting time.

Ongoing sock

As you can see, the sock is doing fine. The colorway makes swirls of yellow spiral around the leg and the foot. Needles are Kollage Yarns’ Square needles, US5, a perfect fit for the pattern. But I might have to put the sock on hold, due to the fact that I am supposed to be knitting something else.

Shawl's getting there...

Mom’s FPoL shawl is doing quite well, but I need to finish it. (Don’t get me started with the hat/cowl combo. Just don’t.) If I hurry, aka work during the weekend, I might put in a good chunk into it. Or not. Might be doing the sock. Or both. Hm.


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