Oh dear


Forgive me, Great Father, for I have sinned.

Actually, not really. I haven’t done any major sins. Genocide? Nah. Destroyed planets? Of course not.

However, but I have succumbed to temptation. I ask of ye to forgive me.

You see, I was looking at the Tin Can Knit’s Simple Collection last night, and I found their Rye socks. After looking through the materials list, I was wondering if I did have worsted superwash, and lo and behold, I had two skeins of superwash merino I got several Christmases ago. So, I cast on last night and continued this morning.

Rye Sock

Tess’s Designer Yarn, colorway “You’re not in Kansas anymore”, sadly discontinued, but looks good still. And makes a nice quick knit for such socks. Already gained a few inches since this photo, and soon I’ll be ready for the heel.

So yes, Great Father, forgive me. I will try not to succumb to sock temptation again. After the second sock is done.


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