Knitting hijinks


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So here we are, a day away from the really huge Powerball jackpot, and I’m at Starbucks, twiddling my thumbs and trying to choke down yet another protein bar because of chest day. It’s a gym thing. The usual non-gym goer can (will?) never understand.

So, apart from yesterday’s event, I am pretty alright. Already on the way to finish my monthly knitting, and making a slight dent in the queue thereof. Although, I cannot complain, seeing that they are rather boring and therefore I am in need of distraction. I’m not saying the projects themselves are boring, I’m just slightly afflicted with Startitis, and the yarn stashes are looking more and more tempting for me to knit with.

To make matters worse, I’m looking at Tin Can Knit’s Simple Collection, which is a set of easy-to-do knitting projects for the beginner to do or for the experienced looking for an easy fix. Already, I’m looking at the Flax sweater for a Christmas gift. To me, of course. Who else would you think?

I have mentioned it before, but I’m repeating it: I am doing Birthday Knits, and I am halfway done with January’s birthday.

Bandana Cowl, finished

A Bandana Cowl, courtesy of Purl Soho (Pattern link), done in US 10 circular and with a skein and a half of Louisa Harding’s Grace Harmonies, colorway No. 14 “Betsy”. Found the yarn at Tuesday Morning, and I was enchanted by its limpid blues and violets. Then I found it was half wool and half silk. Instant buy! Then it stayed in my stash for almost six months, but we won’t talk about that.

Anyway, this will have a small knitted hat to go with it, and, hopefully, I will have enough yarn for that. But seeing how much I bought (four skeins) I think I will have enough. Hopefully.

I have not showed photos of the commissioned Star Wars hat, so let me rectify that.

Star Wars hat!

I have been trying to finish, but I was distracted with the cowl (and the DS), but I am almost done with it. Working on the decreases and getting slowly there. If I hurry, I will be finish with it today. However…

How tall the hat

It is huge! Wide enough for my hand to cover it and leave more on the sides. I don’t know if that is because of the gauge or the pattern. Still, the commissioner is wanting it, and I am more than happy to please.

Now, if I had enough worsted to start the sweater…


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