Oh ye gods


So, the news feeds are buzzing about the passing of David Bowie’s passing, and I am in shock. Like, dead-on, full-face shock. It is like saying your father passed away.

Starbucks, when logging into their network, has their stream of news articles, and the Wall Street Journal article of his passing was there, in bold letters, the headline of his passing. I sat in shock, numbed with bruised sensitivities. No way he couldn’t have died! He just released ‘Blackstar’! He has to keep going! But, no. It was not to be. I read through the article and felt tears prickling through. My heart sank as I realized that this amazing person, this really amazing person, has left this world.

Facebook and Twitter is filled with thoughts and condolences. I already put in my thoughts there, mostly noting how I’m in shock about this. Truth be told, Bowie was one of the staples of my life. Jammed out to ‘Aladdin Sane’, sang my way through ‘Hunky Dory’, enjoyed mostly everything he put forth (Major Tom still gives me the spooks). Loved the way he filled out those tights in Labyrinth.

All in all, he will be missed, oh yes he will. He was one of the major musical stars of the 20th century, and he will continue to make waves throughout the future. Considering how amazingly awesome ‘Blackstar’ is, I am very sure he will.

So, in honor of today, allow me to post one of my perennial faves of Bowie.

Rest in peace, sir.


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