Gym thoughts


It isn’t the pain that gets me, mind you, but that pleasure before the pain. The fact that, yes, you can lift that insane weight above your head, and yes, you crazy lout, you can keep lifting it for ten or so times before slamming it back on the floor/rack.

I have been lifting off and on for years. Been doing it since ´98, back when San Benito had a gym downtown. Was doing fine until a muscle spasm in the lower back got me down. Couldn’t move without crying in pain. Still, I tried getting the workouts down, until the place moved.

Second place was the gym at TSTC, where I tried, really I did, but the place was (is still)shoddy as hell and never could get a grip into me. I left that to the next gym at UTB, with the second story track, the expansive swimming pool, and the weight room with the chrome and machines.

Then came  the latest gym: Lean Fitness.

Keep in mind by this time I have already learned what started the back spasms: tight hamstrings and hip muscles. Thanks to a random web link on Twitter, I went with various yoga stretchings to alleviate the problems. Still need to work on form for a lot of things.

But still, the thrill is there. Here’s to a year of lifting!


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