Year in Review, 2015


I saw that you and I forever have been free
The light became too heavy, and we fell into a dream
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, ‘If I Were Free’

I’m sure a lot of you thought that this year was one of the faster ones. I mean, January was here, then we blinked and it’s already July. Another blink, and it’s the end of the year. I have this feeling that it will get worse next year, but hey, who knows.

Like last year, it got pretty cold after Christmas. Cold and grey and wet. Perfect winter weather. And just like last year, no Chinese food noms. At least there’s next year. *chuckles*

Last photo of 2015!

Tried doing a duplicate of the first year photo, and I succeeded, somewhat. A bit less jowly of cheek, shorter hair, more humbled than I was back then. Ye gods, if I knew what I knew back then, I’d try to do far more good than did. *grump* Ah well.

So, to review, this year…

I took photos of signs, moose, without shirt on.
Had tooth removed and body checked out
Frightened myself with anger, cried myself to sleep, laughed my ass off
Knitted enough to dress a platoon
Enjoyed new musics, food, and friends
Started a gym journal and found a new place to hang out
Got addicted to coffee and bara porn
Danced, both two-step and waltz
Wrote both tame and naughty stuff
Received new books, beds, artworks
Found just how much music I have in storage
And, of course, got another 364PhotoChallenge down. Most of it. I’m missing a bit under a hundred, which is pretty good, really. Anywho, some of my best ones:

20150219_112148 20151218_083844 Wiggin' My nephew Adrian 20150626_134501 King Moose!



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