Roses and Me


I promised roses photos. I am certain of that. So, let me show you rose photos.

Here’s Fragrant Cloud:

Fragrant Cloud

The mild cloudy weather, with its long nights, have really done a number to the more established roses, which surprised me because I thought the poor plants would be stressed. A good number of the potted ones are – most of them afflicted with black spot – but this one has been doing very nicely. The flowers numerous and wide, the color cool coral/pink, depending on the time of day. I have noticed that during some mornings, the scent wafts around the area, giving the justification of the name.

Then we got the Chrysler Imperial:

Chrystler Imperial

The fall rush has finished, but we still get the occasional bloom, much to the delight and wonder of this grower. The flowers are short-bloomers, meaning they show up for a few days before shedding their petals. From my research, this is a natural thing, but I do not mind. In fact, the marvel of this is that there is usually a bloom or two to take the place of the shed bloom.

Golden Buddha is showing himself fantastically.

Golden Buhdda

He blooms in fits, but it is countered by these orange-apricot blooms that smell like Orangesicles. I might repot him, but right now, I’m just loving the fact that we are seeing such blooms without the strong summer sun to burn them off.

Angel Face is blooming her lil’ head off.

Angel Face rose

One of the bushes I tried to get through mail order, but I cancelled the order only to get them anyway. Anyway, from bare roots to almost two feet in about eight or so months. Quite a marvel indeed. And she had other blooms in the make, which is darn right impressive.

And then we have the Fortuniana:


I may have mentioned it before, to refresh memory, I received a cutting in February, along with others, and one of them was the Fortuniana. Anyway, after much decision, I planted it in the back outside fence, where, as you can see, is looking very good. A far cry from the small twig that I got back then. I can’t wait for it to bloom, but I might have to wait another year or two to get them. Or not. No idea, really.

And speaking of cuttings:

New roses!
More new roses

The cuttings I got in October as a birthday gift to myself. Got them from the same lady who gave me the ones in February, and she astounded me with very hard-to-find roses (Black Tea for example), and right now, they are adapting to the weather and getting the occasional watering and just getting so pretty. However, as I mentioned earlier, they’ve gotten a mild case of black spot, which I think is due to stress because of the warmth and the lack of regular watering.

Still, I love all of them.

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