Just making sure of things


Now Listening: Bishop Allen – Empire City
Mood: “…Like a vacuum cleaner, a complete sucker”*

It’s the 23rd of December, two days before Christmas if you count today, and I am, as always, not caring a whit. Well, maybe, because no one is technically coming (I don’t consider the kids as visitors; they basically live there all the time nowadays.) I’m more focusing on the turn of the world and the end of the year, really.

I just got an alert from WordPress celebrating my third year of having a blog here. I’m like, “Really? Has it been three years?” Then I look at the archives, and find that, yes, it has been three years since. Wow.

I don’t have anything to do tomorrow, seeing the bus lines are to be closed, so that means no sneaking into Wal-Mart and getting gifts. It isn’t like I’m not getting gifts back; seeing how sucky people can gift gives me no reason to celebrate. All I want are yarn gift certificates and maybe a few from Starbucks. Is that so hard to understand?? -_-

But still, I think it is a pretty good day right now. Just got out of the gym, relaxing at Starbucks, and enjoying one of the last days of the year. Considering that it is blindingly sunny and breezy, and we have short wearing season. That’s South Texas for you, I guess.

*Line from Nick Cave’s We Call Upon The Author To Explain


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