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Alright, where were we? Ah yes, dusting.

But I am not dusting, sorry to say. My life has been taken over by the 2DS and the knowledge that I am playing on a GameBoy-esque console. The information fills me with such joy that I am realizing how much I’ve been missing from just playing the emulators. Not that they have been bad or anything, it’s just the fact that I can walk about the place with the gadget in tow is amaaazing.

Not to say that other things have been lacking.

Roses being as beautiful as they are, some of the more established roses have been blooming nonstop, mostly the Fragrant Cloud, the C.Imperial, and the Knockout. I need to take photos of the other roses I got, including the ones I got in *cough* October. I know, it’s been a long time, but I thought to let them get used to the usual swing of seasons before taking photos. Doesn’t matter anyway; none of the new stuff have blossoms. 😀

Knitting is still around. I am not knitting as gifts but instead for commissions. I got a few down these past weeks, and now focusing on one I’m particularly fond of.

Hat being made!

A ‘The Force Awakens’ Star Wars hat. The patterns calls for sport weight yarn, and yet, the only I could find is acrylic. I am somewhat ashamed of using it, but it feels good on the fingers and the needles, so we might find some kind of victory with the entire thing. Time will tell.

I’m also did my annual batch of cookies.

One batch cookie dough!
Cookies being made!
Epic chocolate noms

My batch of chocolate triple chocolate chip cookies, made with a few tweaks (played with the sugar/b. sugar balance, lowered the temp, and added a minute cooking time). So far, everyone likes them, and they are addicting indeed. As they should be! *evil laugh* In regards for the chips, equal parts of milk, 70% dark, and semi-sweet. I’m dubbing this combo “Triple-threat”, because you can’t run from the delicious chocolate flow. It just gets to you with every bite and demands milk. 😀


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