Enters, with duster


It’s just a dream he keeps having
And it doesn’t seem to mean anything
-Wilco, ‘Summer Teeth’

A week and a half or so of no entries. There are loads of dust kittens here it is unbelievable. I might need a vacuum.

But enough of that, you want to know what I have been doing, eh? Well, I have been doing nothing. At all. Taking the last month of the year easy and slow. Workouts have been easy, and I’ve amazed myself with the number of personal records I broke this past week. Heck, the Christmas tree box that I have struggled over these past years I carried with ease, which surprised me and mom.

But still, it’s the last month of the year, and I, as always, am bemoaning the fact that I haven’t done anything to stand out in the year, which is pure bullshit, because I have done plenty of things that I have not put on here. I need to rectify that in the coming entries.

I’m still knitting, still crocheting, still getting ticked off at mom. Still with the counseling, still with the Starbucks.

I’m just letting you know I’m still around. 🙂



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