Finals and such


25607 words. All I wrote for Nanowrimo. And most of it was added after I posted the chapter. Loads of stuff I won’t show. Because the file will likely gather dust like my 2011 attempt. Which needs to be posted. Sooner or later.

But, yes, this past week has been, to me, hectic. Hell, this month has been hectic. With me and Nanowrimo and time constraints and other crap going on, I was getting at the end of my tether. Mix with a bad gym schedule, and you had a guy with a reaaally bad month.

Still, this past week was pretty okay. Thanksgiving came and went, much to my dismay: We were supposed to cancel it, but I wake up Thursday morning to find Mom prepping the turkey. *shrugs* It was half-assed anyway, most of the stuff was from packages. Still, would be better if we were to skip is altogether. Ah well. It was the day after that was awesome to me, because I got my birthday/Christmas gift.

New 2DS!

After I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ like the folks who have a Nintendo 3DS on Twitter, one of the followers there linked me to where I can get a refurbished version of a 2DS on the cheap. Right now, I’m looking through Amazon to see what games I can get because I want to be a Thoroughly Modern Millie Moosie, where I am seeing some really awesome deals.

During the weekend, I found how bad the Black Weekend was. Mom and I went out Saturday to find the shops packed and unavailable to window shop. But I got inspired to find crochet snowflake patterns online, where I found really nice one. With a bit of finangling, I got myself with six wooly snowflakes yesterday, to which I blocked and pinned and starched.

Crochet snowflakes!

I’m giving them more time because it was a lot of starch I applied to them and so far they are looking pretty! I should make more.

After I am done with the knitting project.


Brooklyn Tweed’s Hemlock Ring Blanket. I always wanted to make it, and now that I got enough yarn to make it, it doesn’t take a genius to cast on. Right now, I am in-between skeins right now. Heck, I am not done with the Point of Libra No.2 yet! I have been constantly distracted with other things to worry about the shawl or the other things on the needles.

At least I have the gym.


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