Public Service Announcements


One of the oddest things that can happen in NaNoWriMo is that the amount of things that happen to prevent you from writing. I never realized how lazy I can get. It is like I’m racing to catch a bus only to find me wanting to slow down so I can miss it.

But now, I got a major problem with the writing fixed.


I received my replacement screen for my Trusty Laptop last week, and I finally got it put in.


So right now, I am now back to default level, taking the laptop wherever I go and write. Like I am doing right now.


I really don’t think I will make it this time; I’m barely at the 15,000 mark. Either that, or I need to jump to another chapter, over whet there is actually some kind of excitement (plot) happening. But hey, at least I got the story down and it will be glorious.

In other news, the hex blanket is doing fine.


So fine indeed. Added another colorway to the mix because I feel it is pretty awesome. And more yarn to play with. Not that I’m knitting, because I am. More on that later.

But now, the story calls.


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