Hexagonal madness


Ever played Hex? It is an interesting game played in an 11×11 hexagonal board, and the purpose of the game is to make a solid path from one end of the board to the other. The game has been around for since the 1940’s and has been used in various mathematical circles of thought. It cannot end in a tie, alas.

Hexagons are also one of the basic polygons that can successfully tile a plane. Its equality of angles and sides has been seen in honeycombs, bubble froth, and a load of natural phenomena. It also makes awesome granny blankets.

Granny hex

I had no idea when I started doing this. It was an inspired get-together. I need more yarn to make it even moreso. Or just to continue with my original idea and maybe make this into a scarf/wrap. If I make this wider, it could go for a baby blanket, but I’m thinking of just making it into the former. Or not. I know of a few babies who would love being swathed in this adorable thing. Hm.


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