Wednesday update


One thing I have to admit is that I am back on the saddle again. You see, when I did the physical a few weeks back, we talked about mental stuff, which lead me to admit that I was in the local mental health clinic a few years ago. They called a day after that setting up an appointment with their counselor, to which I went and basically vented out everything I have been bottling up. After a few questions, she mentioned that my minor depression might be deepening, which is very worrying and frightening. But today, after another session, we feel my regular coping skills are eroding due to frustration with home and work, leading to getting depressed. More sessions are needed before we pin things down.


After two attempts at making crochet hats, I turned my hand at making granny squares. But not squares. Instead, hexagons.

Latest project!

Yarn is Lion Brand Ice Cream, colorway Lemon Swirl. It’s a nice, soft baby yarn, perfect for baby clothes. Or a blanket. The pattern for the motifs was found on Attic24, a crochet blog. I’ve been looking into her tutorials for a while, and I finally plucked my courage to start making these lil’ hexies. Also, the yarn is perfect for making them, as you can tell. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some more of a different colorway so I can make some interesting effects.


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