Once upon a time, there was a moose that was bored with his knitting. He ranted and raved on how terrible the current thing on the needles was, and how he would go into a nervous breakdown if things did not change for the better. Which didn’t – his room got messy(er) and more cluttered as he slowly and grumblingly knitted.


Then one day (yesterday) he met some ladies from the Harlingen knitting club, who showed off their latest crocheted projects. The moose, in a fit of inspiration, asked a few questions and was shown how to do things with promises to visit and show things for the next class.

The moose went home and looked in the yarn bins for something to hook with, and found loads of acrylic yarn for him to use. With a little finagling, he found that was indeed inspired, and while the knitting gently acquired dust kittens, he found that crochet was the perfect thing to get out of his rut.


The next day, he got a package in the mail, and, taking a break from his crochet, he opened it and found that he had yarn in his fortune.


He had forgotten that in September, he signed up for Jimmy Beans Wool Beanie Bags, in which he would be given samples of yarn. And what wonderful samples they are, very nice yarn indeed; he couldn’t stop petting them and thus forcing him to put them away and focus on crocheting. And with that, he lived happily ever after. Or at least until the evening.

Yarn is, from left to right, Baah La Jolla ‘Tequila Lime’, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock ‘Tomfoolery’, Mrs. Crosby Satchel ‘Hummingbird’, and Cascade Heritage Silk ‘Real Black’. For more information with the Beanie Bags, visit their website.


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