Monday Ramblings


And drown those past regrets
In coffee and cigarettes
-Julie London, “Black Coffee”

Not cigarettes, but the coffee I have plenty of.


So it’s October Country, and we are already feeling the chill in the early morning and late evening. That is wonderful, because sooner or later I will show up in my Coat and wow everyone. It will happen!

Right now, I’m falling into old habits, habits that are caused by the need of belonging. I’ve been by myself for so long that the moment someone extends a hand in friendly greetings, I get romantic prickly weird. Trying not to get too stupid in this, but damn it all, that grin is making my heart flutter. Gah! *hits head with fist*

The second Point of Libra is doing fine enough.


I’m not liking the gray with these colors; it is making it a bit down-trodden, if you get the gist. I should have gotten a way lighter gray or even a white/cream. I think a cream would have done far better. Ah well.

Last week, I got my first physical in years, and because of the long delay I was given the whole nine yards, including a very thorough Q&A. Which lead to my mental health issues and other things. Heck, I was given the rubber glove treatment! (The ol’ prod and poke) Urine and blood were collected, and I got up-to-date with vaccinations. All in all, I enjoyed it. However, because of the mental issues, I’m going to be seen by their psychiatrist later this week.

That news calls for a second cup.


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