If it feels right
Just drive for the light
That’s the groovessential facts
-Donald Fagen, “Teahouse on the Tracks

Eh, it’s been a slow weekend here at the house. Quiet, also, which a godsend with all of the noise that has happened the previous week. Partially, it was my doing because I was wanting to get out in general: out of the Library Friends group, out of the gym, out of Starbucks. I was rather angry and frustrated with myself because of, in my opinion, the stagnation my life was currently in. It affected me to the point that I was basically running on autopilot for most of the week. Hopefully with the lack of noise during the weekend got some of my equilibrium back. One can hope.

If you noticed the previous entries, I have been posting up chapters to the Nano2013 story I did. It is halfway done, but the story itself is not finished and probably will not be finished until I can get all of all of the other writings done. Which will probably be impossible because my mind is constantly looking for other inspiration. Like, for example, I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. Unlike last year, in which I was practically tearing my hair out in indecision. The idea will probably be one that I thought of before – the classic story of good and evil on a purely Wall Street manner. It could work.


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