Autumnal musings


So. It’s September 23. The first day of fall. The beginning of the Libran sun. I am enjoying this day to the utmost. It was so balmy and breezy this morning, then it slowly warmed to the usual heat of the Summer. But during the morning hours, it felt like October Country was slowly arriving. One can hope that the coming month will indeed be cool as a snowcone and welcome as a fluffy kitten.

Speaking of fall, the First Point of Libra shawl is finished.

A better view

[The pattern link]

In all honesty, this was pretty much a nice adventure in mostly mindless knitting. I mean, it is pure garter constructed most cunningly. I like it so much that I already bought yarn for another one.

Upcoming project yarn

The colors look so good that I’m tempted to give the first to mom, who really wants it, and make this one for me. I am not a fan of red in general, but these shades scream out Fall. And Autumn. And will probably stand out more than the other in the dreary days of winter. Hm.


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