The Grey Destiny, Chapter Eleven


Author’s Note: Yes, it’s been a while, but I think I can easily post the rest of story now that I got the controls down. Before you read this chapter, may I direct your attention to The Table of Contents so you can read the previous parts?

A burst of light. A feeling of air rushing over me. I find him above me, the face sad then joyful.

“You are alive, founder! I thought-”

I grabbed him by the throat and brought him to my face. “The…interlopers?” Talking was such a waste of energy right now. I wanted to get back to sleep.

I wanted to go back home.

“G-Gone, sir. I tried to get them, but my form was not developed yet.” He hung his head. “I am so sorry. I have failed you. I have failed everyone.” Tears ran down his face and a thick blob of green was oozing down his nose.

“Yes,” I said, the voice sounding false in my ears. “You have.” In a swift, yet tiring motion, I clenched my hand, crushing his neck like the fragile shell it was.

The head fell to the ground, hitting it with a dry crumble, before the rest of it collapsed into brittle flakes that tumbled down like confetti.

I slowly, painfully, got out of the tube. I needed replacements, and soon. The two I sent out were not back yet, much to my dismay. They should have found it already. Where were they? I shook my head and tried not to be overcome with the vertigo. It did not matter right now. I just needed another, more useful servant. I staggered to the producer and placed a hand on it.


“We need…” I swallowed, trying not to collapse. “…another form. The other two…put them in purgatory…”


I felt my consciousness slide out from me for a moment before I saw the machine form another bulge. Yes, I thought to myself as I saw the form develop. That template will prove useful.

I took a steadying breath and lurched back to the tube. As soon as I placed myself into it, the door shut, and I went back home again.


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