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Mood: Orcish

Despite the current trends of boredom and ennui, this past week has been pretty keyed-up. Been enjoying my time at starbucks and at the gym, and I’ve gotten my knitting done at the moment. So right now, I’m feeling pretty good.

Violin playing

I usually do not show photos of family, at the request of family, but sometimes, when I catch people in the act of doing things, I usually strike while the iron is hot. Like this pic of my 14 year old niece Terra playing her violin. She’s already a freshmen in highschool, and I am wondering how she grew up so fast. I’m definitely going to to knit her something later on. At the moment of typing, I am getting her some sheet music (Gounod’s March of a Marionette) so she can practice and show off to her friends. Better than her usual anime. 😉

So Sunday, I got a call saying that the bowl I painted during Market Days was already fired and ready for pickup. However, they were closed Monday and Tuesday, which left Wednesday (yesterday) one of the times I could pick it up. I already had my day planned for the Harlingen library, so I thought a nice pit stop to the shop would be a good idea. Well, it looks amazing.

Yarn bowl!

As you can tell, the entire thing looks awesomely awesome. I am really liking the way the glaze got from pastel to bright and bold. Truth be told, I want to make another one. 😀

And speaking of packages, I got some orc teeth in the mail today.

Orc Moose!

Thanks to a certain cosplayer by the name of Drillbot, who makes these interesting orc tusks for cosplaying or just in the mood of being an orc. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s a handy link). Of course, orcs nowadays are referred to in some social circles as interesting creatures to be around with, if you can excuse a few things. I have plans for these teeth for Halloween. *evil laugh*

At least it’s better than yarn.


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