Oh ye gods


Alright, first off, this place needs a minor dusting. *sends kittens to start pawing at dust bunnies*

Secondly, I am very sorry for the lack of entries. I have been so distracted lately with a lot of things. Let us start off, hm?

In the world of knitting, I’m already finished Clue No.2 of the MKAL…

Clue No.2 finished!

And started on Clue No.3
MKAL Clue No.3 in the works!

Right now, it’s looking quite spiffy (as always) and I just can’t wait for the Clue No.4 to start. No doubt involving the charcoal yarn again. Thankfully, I’ve bought some extra to be on the safe side.

Also, I’m done with the birthday hat.

Knitted birthday hat!

That is already sent off, with the scarf I finished in May. Hopefully, they will reach their owners tomorrow. One can hope.

This past Saturday was Harlingen Market Days, so of course I went there. Instead of looking around and getting burnt by the sun, I instead spent most of the day painting.

Finished yarn bowl!

One of the shops there is an artist studio, where one can paint little earthenware knickknacks and get them glazed/fired. Afterwards, you take them home to keep. I had my eyes on a sushi bowl that I saw as a yarn bowl, and so I took one and painted it quite colorfully. More on the result later when I can pick it up.


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