It’s the penultimate day of August, making this the last week of the summer season. After today and tomorrow, it’s September, which usually mean school. But considering the school year started last Monday, we could say that the fall season already started. No matter. Because of recent weather patterns, we are already getting hints of October Country: a strange crispness in the morning air and the breezes just edging towards the north before going back into their southeast grooves. Even as I type this, storm clouds are hiding the sun, something that usually does not show at this time of year.

But no matter how exciting the weather is, the knitting is hitting the doldrums stage. You probably have had it yourself. You get the project going and everything is peachy, but then ennui sets in. You knit and wonder why you are doing it. Your mind starts thinking about the other projects you have that can be knit. Or worse, you start a new project.

Birthday hat!

Another basic reversible-rib hat, but done in green with a darker green stripe in the middle. I’m doing this as a birthday gift to one of my internet friends: I asked and he accepted. If I hurry, I might finish this tonight. But then, it’ll be less time to finish Clue No.2 of the MKAL.


The clue is mostly mindless knitting, but for me, it’s the doldrums. Like Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth with his miles and miles and miles of driving, this is stitch after stitch after stitch of garter. It makes a really nice fabric, but this kind of thing can make one yawn and get distracted with the internet. Or a book. Or another hat. *shrugs*


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