The Race Is On


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So, right now, I am currently knitting the first clue to the First Point of Libra. It looks pretty spiffy.

Shawl in the making

On a lark, I looked up what colors a Librian should be wearing, and apparently, they are shades of blue and pink. And since blue is one of the major colors in this MKAL, it looks like I’m on to a real humdinger.

However – and here is a bit of confession – seeing that I could not find the colors I wanted for the project in fingering (need to buy more!!!) I am instead doing the thing in sport yarn, which screws up the gauge by a bit. The blue is actually KnitPicks’ ‘Wool of the Andes’ in Winter Night, and the grey is recycled sweater yarn in a neutral grey. However, since the sweater yarn is in fingering, originally, I am holding it double to have it act as sport. I know, I know. Cheating and such, but I do not care. As I said, it pretty spiffy and very squishy. The trouble is that rest of the colors are to be held double, but I’ll take care of that when we get to it.

Also, that hat I mentioned before is done.


As I said, it’s a reversible hat, and the thing feels splendid on my head. I’m officially keeping this, but I need to find more yarn to make others for my older brother AND my brothers-in-law. Yes, I finally found something I can make them! And I can make them in football colors, also. The orange does count as Longhorn, right? I think I may have Aggie colors somewhere in my stash.

If not, then I can add the yarn to the fingering I need to buy more of.


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