Knitting, on a Monday


My gosh, what a mess. This past week has been me trying not to tear up in ways I never thought possible. I haven’t been on the edge like this since Dad passed away (nine years since that happened, can you believe that?). But right now, I’m trying to get a handle on it. Maybe tonight I will just put on some sad music and cry my heart out. Like I used to do long ago.

So right now, I am at the library, helping myself to the cool, functional air-conditioning, instead of home, with its warm, partially-functional air-conditioning. Also, I’m reading J. D. Robb novels and acting depravedly as I sip French Vanilla cappuccinos in the back room. It’s a knack.

At the moment, I am in anxious anticipation, due to the fact that I have been planning for my first Mystery Knit-A-Long (MKAL), which goes by First Point of Libra. Seeing that I am a Librian, fell in love with the name and put in my two cents for the participation. I even got the yarn.


The top two spools are Lion Brand discontinued LB 1878 fingering, the rest are Knitpicks Palette yarn in various colors and states, including a few that were frogged and wound into balls. I’m thinking of using the black (charcoal?) as the main color, but I don’t know. I’m liking the combo so far, but if anything can go, I do have some colorful lace weight I can knit double for additional support. Maybe.

In the meanwhile, I’m doing a hat.

Knitting hat for addictive purposes.

A reversible basic rib hat to be honest, done in some clearance Poems Silk Solids I found at Tuesday Morning. It’s worsted, single-ply silk-wool, and it knits up to a nice fabric. And the color is so fall-like I might be keeping it. Gods above and below know I need more orange – nay, more warm colors period – in my wardrobe; all I have are mostly blues, greens, and neutrals.


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