Ain’t good enough for you


It’s already August! Summer’s end. The beginning of the school plans. And I’m just here, enjoying coffee and enjoying the morning.


I keep getting Venti cups whenever I ask for Grande, but when I do ask for Grande it’s because my mind is running on auto-pilot. I’m supposed to be asking for Tall, you see. *shrugs* Ah well, at least it’s their regular Pikes instead of their dark roast. Still wishing for their espresso roast. Mmm…

So how’s you? This
For me, this past week has been somewhat rocky. This week was supposed to be the Friends’ backpack giveaway, but that fell through in mag fashion. Then Wednesday I was suffering from a black mood/crying jag, the first in years. I wasn’t suicidal, but definitely homicidal. I found solace in books, as usual, at the Harlingen Library; that definitely soothed me down. Hell, even now I still bad. I know this is normal with depression, but dammit Janet, I’m sick of it. At least I have my knitting.


The Age of Brass and Steam kerchief, which looks to be a shawl, in a fashion. (Don’t ask me the difference between shawl and kerchief, please. I think it has to do with lace.) Right now, I’m using Lion Brand “Amazing” in the Cobblestone colorway. I like the neutral stripes, and after the scarf, I am in need of neutrals. I’m almost done with it, need a couple more rows before I cast off. But right now, I’m just enjoying the soothing motions of knitting and the last summer month.

Now if only I can get smaller coffee cups…


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