An addiction, sure enough


So now that I’m done with the scarf, I was focusing on a shawl. I mentioned in passing a few entries ago, but with that one, I frogged it and redid the entire thing. This Wednesday I finished the new incarnation and blocked it that night.

Blocked lace shawlette
Finished product

Yarn: Recycled sweater yarn, harvested from a Salvation Army sale item. If I remember rightly, the yarn is a cotton/wool blend. When first harvested, it was a greenish-beige. Most of that was washed off, leaving an oatmeal grey that shifts to tan in various lights. I have several skeins of the stuff, and I’ll probably be using it again in the future.
Needles: US6

It’s something I think would do very nicely in the Victorian age. It is small and somewhat simple. The lace edging – feather and fan – is rather nice, if I do say myself. A small frivolity in the face of the simplicity of the shawl. Right now it’s with Diana as a belated birthday gift, who is anything but Victorian. Still, I hope she finds good use with it.

As for me, I have already cast on for something else. Probably a doodle, yet…who knows?


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