Finished Object – One Scarf


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So, the scarf is finished, and I cannot be any happier.


I thought this would be simply a doodle, something that I would frog after a few rows, but it didn’t turn out that way. Instead, I kept on knitting. I took it to Starbucks, where it got stares and loads of compliments. I knit it on the bus, where a few kids were ecstatic when I let them try it on. I showed it to the knitting group, where they begged for the pattern. All in all, I think it was lurking in the back of my mind, wondering when it would strike me with it’s abstract flow.

This is all mosaic colorwork, which deals with slipped stitches. I said before that mosaics are the op-art of the knitting world, and this scarf has everything to hold with the idea. The colors, the design, it all pops at you and is very striking.

Closer detail

Yarn used: Two skeins of Red Heart’s ‘With Love’, Colorways ‘Peacock’ and ‘Daffodil’
Needles: US8
Size: 7 in. by almost 6 ft., unblocked
Time took: About a month.

Seeing that this scarf is acrylic, I have qualms about blocking it. Right now, it looks pretty neat, so I don’t think I’ll block it just yet. Or ever. Maybe just a hand-wash/wet block to even it out. Who knows.

And yes, there’s a pattern upcoming. 😀

Edit: Aug. 1, 2015 – I got the pattern up and running! Hope you enjoy it. 😀


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