The Black Knights (Part Three) [nsfw]


Part Two

“Now wait,” I said, surprised at the announcement, “I just came in here to help these two goons a bit.” I looked at Trav and the other, their muscles all pumped and their cocks drooling heavy streams of pre. I tore my gaze away and looked steadily at the coach.

The coach snorted. “Fuck that, kid,” he said. “You got the chain, right?”

The chain? I forgot all about that. I pulled it out.

“NOW!” the coach barked.

“What—” I choked out as the two grabbed me tight and pulled me to the locker room. “What the hell!” I said, struggling futilely against their grip.

“We still need the others to come in here,” the coach said, following after. He looked at Trev and jerked his head towards the exit.

“Got it, coach,” he said, letting go and walking across. I noticed he was in a football jersey and leggings. How did that happen?

“Now, kid,” the coach said, sitting down on a bench, “you have to understand. They invited you in because we want you to play. There’s nothing to it. Once you’re one of us, you’ll understand.”

“Yeah, dude,” the other guy behind me said. “You won’t get enough of it. Fuck.” I felt something long and solid rubbing against my pants and heard him moan in lust.

“Stop that, son,” the coach chided. “Wait until the others are here.”

“S-sorry coach,” the guy panted, still rubbing against me. “I just can’t stop…”

“Yes yes,” he said, getting up and pulling me aside. He went down on his knees and began to worshipfully suckle that huge organ.

The guy moaned loudly and shook as he climaxed, shoving his load into the coach’s mouth, which he swallowed greedily. He placed both of his hands on the coach’s head and shoved all of his cock in, moaning louder.

I was too enthralled at the sight of this alpha coach guzzling down one of his players to leave. I just looked on until the scene played out: the jock pulling out as the coach licked his lips, stood back up, and looked at me.

“You liked that, son?” he asked. He gripped a shoulder of the player and started to rub the still-hard cock, causing the poor person to moan and writhe. “Imagine what he’s feeling right now.” He grinned and turned to face the goon. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Fuuuuck,” the horny jock groaned out, spitting pre.

The coach chuckled. “I thought so.” He rubbed the cock more. “Say that you’re a big, dumb jock.”

The guy groaned. “Yeah…’m a big dumb jock,” he said. He raised an arm and flexed it hard, showing off a softball of thick bicep. “Look how big I am, sir. Fuck. So fuckin’ huge, sir. Awfuck!” He shuddered as he came again, his cock spitting out thick streams of his jockcum.

“That’s it, kid,” the coach said, giving the arm a solid grope as he kept on masturbating the jock. “Show him what he’ll be in a while.” He glanced at me, or would have, if I was there. Instead, I was purposely heading to the back of the room. “Look at that, kid. Trying to avoid the inevitable.” The coach smiled and snapped the fingers of his free hand.

I suddenly felt something burning around my hand. I looked down and saw the chain, somehow around my wrist and writhing on its own. I tried to take it off, but the burning only intensified. I fell on my knees, crying out in pain.

The coach snapped his fingers and the pain stopped, leaving a dull ache behind. “You think of leaving, kid, and you won’t make it out the door.” He faced the jock again. “Damn, you’re hot, son,” he grunted out before pushing the guy’s face to his, making out for a moment.

“T-thank you, sir,” the jock said when they separated. He looked down at his cock, now softening into an impressive member. “Fuck.”

I tried to move, but the memory of the pain was still hovering in my mind. I only stared as the coach turned to me. “Sorry about that, kid, but we need another player on the field.” He walked over and squatted down, forcing the shorts to mold against his equipment. He patted my shoulder, a surprisingly kind gesture after the attack. “I think I should explain. Kirk, come over here.”

The jock obediently walked in front of me, stinking of male.

The coach snapped his fingers, and the figure…fuzzed out. It was the only thing I could think of. It fuzzed out, turning darker into a black shape, then solidified into a shiny black vinyl model of a person. The size and the musculature stayed the same, but the face was featureless, save a set of white markings that reminded me of a football helmet. What was going on?

“Son, how do you feel?” the coach said. His hand was now rubbing the wrist where the bracelet was.

“Horny,” the figure said without moving its jaw, the word dripping with sexual power and masculinity. “So horny.” It flexed an arm, and the head started to nuzzle it, moaning softly as it caressed the heavy muscle.

“You see,” the coach said as the figure nuzzled and groped its muscles, “we’re not like other creatures here on this world. We came here decades ago, trying to find a place to fit in.”

“W-what do you mean?” I asked, finally having the strength to speak.

The coach paused for a moment. “Imagine a creature capable of taking over a world, changing its hosts into anything it wants. Imagine it wanting asylum because of it knew what it could be used for. Imagine the creature finding such a place by accident and finding various reasons to stay.”

He rose up and reached over to the figure, rubbing the heavy bulk. “Imagine it succumbing to the lusts that the planet’s inhabitants have. And such lusts, such manly pleasures it found. Thick muscles, heavy cocks, pliable asses. Imagine it wanting more.”

I tried to move, but I couldn’t do so. Instead, I stared at the show in front of me.

The coach kept on rubbing the figure’s muscles, who kept on moaning and grunting. “Imagine it able to spread, like seeds, wanting to go to other places and explore more of the pleasures it keeps craving. Imagine one of those seeds finding a small school, discovering about a certain sport played there. Imagine the seed, one day, fusing with a faculty member who leads the sport team. Think of the promises the seed gave to the person.” He smiled, and he reached down to the figure’s heavy cock, giving the organ a heavy squeeze. The figure threw his head back and deeply moaned. “Now, ten years later, the team is the best in the area. Thanks to us, that is.

“Of course, the person the seed attached itself to no longer exists. He also succumbed to the lusts the seed desired and they fused to form me.” He turned to face me and his form dissolved to a shiny black creature with white markings around its shoulders and two on the head like eyes. “The seed passed down its ability to make new seeds, so it thought to itself why not make more of itself as a team.” The head split into a toothy grin. “And so it did.”

There was a small commotion at the far end, and Travis entered the locker room, the team following after him. He grinned when he saw the two, and I could swear that his heavy bulge twitched in its black confines.

“Finally, son,” the coach-figure said. He gestured towards me. “It’s time.”


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