“He needed sweet sleep in his bad-addled brains…”
-Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat animated special

I am filled with energy. The nights are wonderfully full of solid hours of sleep. No tossing or turning. My dreams are uninterrupted, and I do not wake with soggy noses. All this past week has been an amazing sleep time.

Why? I got a new bed.

New bed!

Mom got it for me (and hers) last week, and we got them Friday. Mine was more of a clearance item, really: It was about 75% off, and she snapped it up with very little prodding. Which is a blessing because the old bed was already on its last legs. But this bed – a memory foam/cooling gel combo – is like lying down on marshmallow fluff. Very comfortable.

However, it’s so tall.

Bed's so tall!

I would hazard a guess that it’s a good six inches higher than the old one, which makes it difficult getting on, but a solid seven hours sleep are worth the extra height.

Apart from that, nothing else has been really noteworthy. Still doing things I shouldn’t. Still wanting to make more marshmallows. Still wondering about new knitting patterns (more on that later). Still want to get more roses. Stuff like that.


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