Thoughts of a scarf


First, today marks the week that I’ve gotten one wisdom tooth out. Yes, might it put it on the record here. It was a pretty thing, anyway. Didn’t take to long – I was in the chair for thirty minutes or so. The doc just doused me with loads of painkillers and went to work. The tooth, according to the doc, came out like a greased goose, which got me for a giggle. But now, I’m feeling a bit better, no pain like before.

Anywho, right now, I’m back at the daily coffee shop (Starbucks) and taking a break from the shawl by making a scarf.


I’ve always thought that mosiac colorwork is the op-art of the knitting world. With the right colors and the right pattern, you can make something strikingly eye-popping. Like this scarf. Right now, it’s Red Heart “With Love” acrylic, which is waaay better than the usual yarn. Far smoother. And I dont think the original RedHeart has such cool colors: peacock blue and daffodil yellow. As I said, eye-popping.

Mosaic stitches are created with slipped stitches acting as the verticals and the rows acting as the horizontals. Knitting guru Barbara Walker invented them and wrote several pattern books on the subject. Another thing is that they are easily malleable; that is, they can be edited once you get the technique down. Which is pretty neat if you think about it.


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