If you give a moose a muffin, he will probably ask for a cup of coffee. And he will probably ask for the cup to be a tall dark roast. In a mug. With room for cream.

Of course, if the coffee machine’s on the schedule for cleaning/brewing, then moose will wait for coffee for about ten minutes.

While he’s waiting for coffee, moose will probably knit with tweedy fingering.


The color is a soothing oatmeal, which is rather nice to see despite the color that the moose desperately wants to add.

And so, as he’s knitting, the coffee is brewing and the muffin is being warmed, and all is good in the world. Until the coffee arrives.


It’s a venti. Large. Too much coffee for moose. But the barista says that it’s to make up for the wait. Hmm. This might work, with moderation.


So as he’s nomming on muffin, and knitting tweedy yarn, this moose thinks that life is doing well right now. And he lived happily ever after.

Until he gets a refill.


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