That was the week that was, it’s over, let it go…
-Millicent Martin w/David Frost, ‘That Was The Week That Was’

This past week has been just one waste of my time. It was pretty good during the first half, but the second half was just so dismal. First, my tooth was aching up, so I had to go to the dentist. For that, I had to get registered. And I was sent back out twice because I didn’t get the needed information. Third time worked, so I went to the dentist’s to wait about two and a half hours to be told that I wasn’t going to be seen. At least I got an appointment.

Then yesterday, I was headed to a call center in Brownsville for a job opportunity to find that, no, they were not hiring. Oh yes, they are looking for people, but I have to call Manpower and apply with them. So I wasted the entire morning and afternoon over there and just being so danged depressed and drained.

At least the roses were in bloom.

Veteran's Honor

Dad’s ‘Veteran’s Honor‘. It has really responded well to the alfalfa tea and the fish oil emulsion I gave it – Lots of nice, new growth and plenty of blossoms. Including this one, which is a really bold red and lots of scent.

Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha! It has really become a handsome rose, the flowers turning from apricot to this slight gold-orange that is so pretty, and they have this rich scent that is just so fantastic.

Angel Face

Angel Face, one of the five last roses I got online and regretted soon after. Story is that one of the gardening sites I visit had a sale on roses, and, like a fool, I got them. I changed my mind soon after, but I found that they were already shipped. When I called the store, they said that they would refund the money, and I could keep the roses. Anyway, they’re already planted, and so far, this is the only one in bloom. I had misgivings about this one because of the flak I read from the rose forum – black spot and lousy performance – but at the moment, it’s turning out pretty well. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t get the late afternoon/early evening sun? Hm.

There’s more to tell, but I’m going to wait until I can see blossoms.


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