Story short no. 201


“Hey! What do you think?”

I turned to face Joe and shielded my eyes against the glare. “The fuck?!”

The moose chuckled a bit and walked out of the sun. “It’s okay. It’s something Taoren gave me.”

I rubbed my eyes to dispel the purple spots, and I focused on Joe again. “Woah.”

He was in prime condition, fresh from the gym, and clad only in a poser. Not just any poser, but a glittering golden one. It shimmered gently in the shadows, and the material clung to the moose’s equipment like an lover.

“You like, dude?” he said, bringing his arms up to a double-bi flex. “I think it sets off my body very well.” He shifted to a front lat spread.

“I-I-I…” I cleared my throat and said, “Damn, you’re hot.”

Joe chuckled and turned around, showing two massive rumpcheeks encased in glistening fabric. He flexed, and the fabric stretched awesomely.

“I thought he was going to give me a singlet,’ y’know?” the moose said, turning back around. “You know how I am with singlets,” he continued, scratching a thick pec.

“Yeah,” I said, distracted by the scratching.

“But then the crazy pug gave me this, and I’m like, wait a moment, so I put this on, and I’m suddenly feeling very good.” He shifted his hips a bit, and the bulge scintillated loudly briefly before going back to its usual shimmer.

I sighed lustily. “Yeah, you are certainly good. But are you going to take it off?”

He snorted. “Really, dude?” He waved a hand towards it. “Me? Take this off? You got to be kidding.”

“What if he gives you a golden jock?” I continued. “Or a low-rise Speedo? Or that singlet you wanted? What then?”

The moose shrugged thoughtfully. “I don’t know. I really would like that golden singlet….”

“I suggest you go to Tao and demand that you give him that singlet,” I said, trying to get the image of Moose in a skin-tight singlet burned into my memory.

“Later,” Joe said, coming up to me. “Right now, how about unwrapping this golden prize, eh?” He shifted again, and the bulge twinkled suggestively.

I chuckled.


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