Knitting Post No. 2433


Rather than bore you of what I did not do today (and the days previous), I will instead inform you of the lacy shawl-in-training.

Half-pi shawl ot lacy design.

It doesn’t look like much, but there’s some plenty of nifty things already. Firstly, it’s pure garter lace. What does that mean? It is reversible! No wrong side! Tré magnifique! It’ll be all the rage in Paris when I’m through!

(Speaking of which, have you been keeping up with Girl Genius? Duplicitous evil is delicious!)

Right now, I’m in the middle lace section, which is garter stitch diamonds separated by yarn overs. Almost done with the first skein of yarn – Cascade Yarns’ ‘Quatro’, colorway ‘Tahiti’. It’s a nice raspberry color that looks good on this shawl. I didn’t expect it, really. It’s a shame the yarn’s discontinued, though. More on that later.

I’m thinking of giving this shawl to my aunt (tia) Delores. I don’t think I every posted photos of her here. But she is Dad’s last living relative that we know of, and I never made her anything, so I need to rectify that.


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