The Beginnings of Summer


Can we at least say that this year had been one of the quickest to go by me in all my record keeping? I mean, one moment is still mid-January and the next it’s today, June the first, and I still haven’t gotten things situated with the yarn booth/store or with trying to land a nice job (read: not a telephone job), and it’s going to be my 36th birthday in five or so months, and I’m trying not to freak at the stupidity of my mom back at home, and it’s just so danged awful.

At least The Scarf is doing fine.


I’m in the final stretch, the last quarter of the pattern, and I’m getting this done before really get involved with anything else. (Too late!) That and the fact that it’s a nice carry-along project. All you have to do is to roll it up and there you go.


Starbucks cup used as size reference. Yeah, that’s how big it is. Better than folding it up.

But yes, I hope to do good things this month, including seeing up the paperwork for the yarn store and trying to finally move out. All this going on in the house is just so danged stupid. Of course, things happen for chaos’ sake, so I have to keep on my toes.

If only I don’t need to swelter in this heat and humidity…


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