But what you don’t understand
I’m a working man
-Rod Stewart, “Hot Legs”

Alright, so the blog has a new look, which I’m really digging. I just need a few more tweaks, and it’ll be done! This is really, really awesome. So awesome. Like, really awesome. Okay, enough awesomeness. Maybe a bit more.

So, it’s the beginnings of summer here, in which temps are already in the 90-92F range and drying things out (which is a really contrast from the northern regions with the rain and the floodings. Yikes). But that’s okay, because the roses look really good and healthy. Especially this one.

Mr. Lincoln!

Mr. Lincoln, a 1964 Hybrid Tea rose, best known for their really fragrant long-stemmed red roses. I found this baby half-off at Lowes last month, and I’ve been watering it regularly – I dunk the pot in a bucket of water and wait until the bubbles finish, then letting it drain on the pavement. I do that for all of the cuttings I have, and the results are really good. Lots of new growth from most of them; although, a good bunch of them need repotting into slightly bigger containers to help with root growth. And a nice dose of fish emulsion as an early-summer treat.

I also got a haircut, which clearly means it’s the beginnings of summer.

Ye Olde Gyme pic

One guard on the top, with a half on the sides. Much better now, because it’s less sweat/oil my scalp is making, which means less dandruff. But I’m feeling the sun and the wind on it, and it is rather interesting. I miss this feeling.


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