Tales of the World: Elemental Myths


It is rare nowadays that I write about the Bulls. They were my favorite characters, and I feel kind of sad that they no longer inspire me. However, there are exceptions. I was chatting on Twitter about primal elemental gods, and I got inspired to write about them. However, I was more in tune with the Bulls, on how they would treat the elements, and how the Great Father would be a part of this. It lead to this story. Hope you enjoy it.

“A long, long time ago, when the world was formless void and endless night, when the War was rampant, did the Great Father come into being.”

Chad raised an eyebrow, eying the great beast in front of him. He was dressed in a robe of fluttering patches, all of them different colors, and he was gesturing with his hands, causing the coat to drift about.

“The Great Father was created from the prayers of those wanting peace,” the Bull said, smiling at the halfling, a term the Bulls use for offspring from the blue planet Earth. “He came upon when the Night enveloped the world and brought light and joy.”

“Yeah yeah,” Chad sneered. He heard all about the War from his father. About the Constructs and Avatars. The betrayal and the counterstroke. He heard it all.

The Bull snorted. “If I am going to have another bullheaded halfling as a student, I will not continue.”

“Sorry, sir,” Chad said, shrugging. “It’s just that I’ve heard it all. Dad was a m’chs’duas like you, and he –“

“That is why you are here with me, halfing,” the Bull said, ruffling Chad’s thick cap of hair. “He wants you to follow in his footsteps. Storytelling is a worthy art for our kind, and he is a master at it.”

“So I keep hearing.”

“But since you know of the War, perhaps you know of the creation of the Gods?”

Chad raised both eyebrows. “The gods?”

“Indeed,” the Bull said, leaning back in his seat. “The Gods of the Elements.”

“Er, no,” Chad said, riffling through his mind of any mention of them. “He only had me know of the War and its history.”

The Bull grinned. “Perhaps I should mention them, then.” He reached into the jacket and pulled out a packet of matches. He struck one, using it to light a few candles around him.

“As you know,” the Bull said as he went around the room to light more candles, “the Great Father brought us peace and joy, but during that period, he grew lonely and restless. The urges that grew with us also grew with him, and he thought to bring his powers to create others of his kind.”


“All of us need to rut with our kind. Only we can provide the pleasure that we need.” The Bull glanced sideways at Chad. “Surely your father told you?”

“Yeah, he did. He even introduced it to me when I turned eighteen.” He slumped a bit. “Main reason mom left…”

The Bull nodded sympathetically and tactfully went back to the story. “As I was saying, the Great Father needed companionship, and he thought that he could make his own. So he wandered the world, looking for suitable creations.”

He sat down and leaned forward. “First, he came across a waterfall, wide as the sea. He felt the life in it, the energy, and he created the first God, C’X’Gor’M, He of the Sea, and was delighted when the being came to life. He was as masculine as the Father, and giving into his urges, they rutted and brought forth the rains and the storms of the world.

When his urges were sated, the Father went on, feeling the need to keep looking. After a while, he came across a deep chasm of whistling winds and breezes. He understood the force they gave, and he created the second God, Y’C’Gor’X, He of the Wind, and was delighted when the being came to life. He was as virile as the Father, and giving into his urges, they rutted and brought forth the tornados and hurricanes of the world.”

“Is this going to be all rutting?” Chad asked, wide eyed.

“Shush, now,” the Bull said, smiling. “Let me finish.”

“When his urges were sated, the Father went on as before. He had two companions, but he felt the need for more. After a while, he came across a pit of burning fire and never-ending smoke. He was conscious of the power it gave, and he created the third God, M’S’Gor’L, He of the Flame, and was delighted when the being came to life. He was as powerful as the Father, and giving into his urges, they rutted and brought forth the wild flames of the world.

“When his urges were sated, the Father still felt the need for more companions. He walked the world, and came upon an erupting volcano. He was surprised at the spirit it gave, and he created the fourth God, E’M’Gor’A, He of the Earth, and was delighted when the being came to life. He was as primal as the Father, and giving into his urges, they rutted, and brought forth the earthquakes of the world.”

“That is intense,” Chad said, adjusting himself slightly. “I never thought the Father was such a horny guy.”

The Bull cleared his throat and continued. “When his urges were sated, the Father wandered for many days. He had his four companions and still felt the need to make another. He wandered into a city filled with many Bulls, each in the passionate embrace of the other. He then came to a conclusion.”

Chad leaned closer, curious.

“He realized that the urges he and the Bulls had were also a force to acknowledge. Using his and their powers, he created the fifth God, X’L’Gor’O, He of the Rut, and was delighted when the being came to life. He was the Father’s true son, comprised of the manly urges the Bulls had and of the uncontrollable virility the Father gave him. They gave into the urges each had, and they rutted, intensifying the pleasures the Bulls gave each other.

“When the Father was sated, he brought all of the five and gave them his blessing, telling them they are welcome to walk the world and to spread the power each represents. And they did, each one helping to heal the world that the War ravaged.”

“So ends my tale,” the Bull ended, bowing.

“So,” Chad said after a few moments silence, “you said that they still walk this world?”

“Indeed, halfing.”

“Er, can I meet one?”

The Bull smiled and came up to Chad. “Let us do that later,” he said, placing his arms around Chad’s shoulders. “Instead, let us worship X’L’Gor’O the way we Bulls can.” And he gently kissed Chad’s forehead.

He blushed slightly and nodded. “Y-yeah, I’m game.”


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