Finished Stuffs


it’s been a pretty busy week with my needlework. Nothing much to complain about, seeing that it kills time and helps me relax. But you folks need to see what I actually make, so that we will have no disruptions in communications. I sometimes have people come up to me and say, “Dude, I saw you in this bitchin’ sweater/hat/pair of socks a while back. When did you finish it? Why didn’t I see it on your blog?” And I have to explain that I don’t post things on my blog as often as I’m supposed to. Which leaves them scratching their heads because they know I’m not employed, and thus have plenty of time to post. Eh, it happens.

So, rather than leaving you folks in a state of confusion, let me show you what I have finished.

Birthday scarf II

The scarf I’ve been knitting on the fly for a while. I finished a few weeks ago, and barely blocked it last night.

Name: Alternate Mistake Rib
Yarn Used: Fibra Natura Inca Colors No. 44036, two skeins
Needles: 7mm (Got them with my original knitting kit)

For those wondering what I mean by alternate mistake rib, just work mistake rib (4x+3 stitches, *K2, P2*, end K2, P1 all rows) until you reach the desired length, in this case, six inches, then you reverse it – *P2, K2*, end P2, K1 all rows – until you reach the desired length, then repeat. Simple.

Of course, this is a bulky weight yarn, so it was a really quick knit. However, I tossed it into the Procrastination Bin and finally got it washed/blocked. I had to take it to the washer’s spin cycle, which had it so unsopping with water that it was practically bone dry. I just poured it onto the mat and molded into shape. No pins or anything. And it dried to such a pretty, cozy scarf that I’m tempted to keep it.

The other thing I’ve been doing was the Bullseye throw.


As you can see.

Name: Bullseye
Hook: Size H (5mm)
Yarn: Assorted scraps

After I blocked the squares Saturday night, I slipped stitched them thanks to this nifty lil’ tutorial, and it turned out much easier than I though. Sunday afternoon, I gave the entire thing a custom border.

Crocheted blanket border

One row of single crochet in between the double crochet spaces, then a row of half-doubles around. Gives it a solid border that really finished the throw. And indeed it’s throw, because I throw it all over the place. But right now, it’s on the chair, where it’s looking pretty neat and awesome. It’s so awesome that I want to make another one later. But not right now because I’m taking something out of the Procrastination Bin, and it’s a doozy.

*knit knit knit*

Yes, that is the Tom Baker (4th Doctor) scarf. I might actually finish it this time. Who knows.


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