Random Wednesday


* I’m thinking of shutting this place down, if only for the  that I’m more at home with micro-blogging than this. Maybe it’s my ongoing urge to become a motionless blob in the sea that is getting to me. Or it could be the depression talking, who knows.

* Nothing really much that I can put on record that happen recently. Diana and I went to Brownsville on a bit of sticky business yesterday, but it went alright. And yes, she’s perfectly alright.

* I did get the scarf done.


Not the best photo, but there you go.

Anywho, finished it last week and all it’s waiting for is a bath in wool wash and a interrogation on the blocking board.

On an aside, ‘blocking board’ sounds so deliciously medieval. It’s like the rack, but instead of people, you use woolly items. Of course, you could use people, but that would be really messy. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

* Speaking of woolly items, the crochet I’d doing fiiiine.


I’m really breezing through this project like crazy.


As you can tell. However, the assembly was a bit confusing. Should I block the squares before or after I put them together? Do I sew them or do something else? Should I use them for a blanket or for pillowcases? Questions galore, I know. However,thanks to internet research I have found a few tactics for these squares, and yes, there will be photos.

* The roses are doing fine, they are somewhat overcome by the weather we’ve been getting: rain, and lots of it. We got a mild front in, which brought massive thunderstorms and such that just drenched the area and is helping the roses to be all they can be. I just need bigger pots for the cuttings. Maybe some five-gallons would work. Hm.


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