The Simple Things


Since it is clear I’m not going to finish the Writing Challenge, I’m just going to instead post what I’m currently knitting.


An alternate mistake rib scarf. Doesn’t it look interesting? Currently with chunky superwash wool yarn whose label is at home (yeah, I know) and 7.5mm wooden needles. I got the yarn from Tuesday Morning, and the needles are the first ones I got, ever. Like, from the kit I got all those years ago. Never thought they’d come in handy.


The scarf looks cozy because the yarn is bulky and so squishy. I’m just going to give it a general blocking when I’m done, of course. I’m sure the yarn will get even more squishy when that happens.

So right now, as you probably guessed, I’m at the local library, just goofing off and taking a break from Starbucks. I’ve been down with a bad throat/cough, so I haven’t been at either there or the gym. Don’t want to get either place down with the sickness, sort of speaking.


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