‘Cause we all know reality is crazy!
-Deltron, ‘Memory Loss’

Happy 420, everyone. As I said on Twitter, I’m getting high with caffeinated drinks.


And, of course, when I’m high on coffee,I also get a lifters’ high at the gym. I’m sure that’s a thing. More coffee while I look that up!

But really, I’m getting kind of a crochet high. Why? I’m making an afghan.


Square one of nine. The pattern is Bullseye and it’s an interesting pattern for a beginner like me. But going to say that I am going to be a hooker but there you go.

The yarn’s acrylic, which will help with washablity, but probably not on the tactile side of things. Will probably put that aside until I’m done with the entire thing.

But now, I’m getting another hit of that yarny goodness.


What can I say? I’m a yarn fiend. Better than the other, I’m sure.


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