I have been rather offbeat, as usual. However, I got something to show for it.

Shawl in the making

Yes, I’m making a new pattern. Or at least just experimenting with one. Who knows.

I’m also experimenting with new ways of propagating roses.

A freshly-picked rose hip

One ripe rose hip, ready for seeding. This came from the Paradise bush, and it’s been on there since November(?). After I sliced it open, I used a knife to pry out the seeds. Then I washed them under running water in a strainer.

Rose seeds!

Right now, they are being stratified in paper toweling. By that, I mean, the seeds are in moist toweling, which is in a plastic bag, and put in the fridge. Why I’m doing that is that I’m simulating a winter season for the seeds. We did have a rather bitter winter, but making one to be on the safe side.


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