Grrr… (Writing challenge 4)


So, I’m kind of going to rant a bit. This really isn’t my cup of tea, because I’m not that of kind of guy to rant. Anyone can tell you that I grumble, groan, and complain. But rant? It takes a very good reason for me to do it.

In this case, it’s my teeth.

This past week, I’ve been in mild pain in the upper right jaw area. Nothing really to complain, right? I honestly thought my molars were in a state of teething sorry of speaking. They are kinda impounded, and they ache on occasion. So, I been fixing it with ibuprofen. Nothing to bad, right?

Well, Wednesday afternoon comes along, and the pain’s fierce. To help ease the pain, I started to massage the gumline. As I was rubbing,I felt the molar crack under the finger.


So now,I got a cracked tooth that, by all means, will probably be removed. Seeing it’s a top molar puts things more difficult.

Anyway, I go to the city dentist yesterday, where I find that I can’t see them. Sure, they were off to lunch, but the receptionist said I couldn’t get anything done anyway because I didn’t have a referral from my doctor. Okay, fine, I go to the main receptionist to find that I can’t see the doctor because I wasn’t registered with the clinic.

What. The. Fuck.

Keep in mind that I was in pain all this time. I did complain to them that, yes,I am hurting and yes, it’s been happening for about a week. The result was the same: Come back tomorrow (today) and we’ll get you seen.

So I went back today, and true to their word I did get seen. The doc who liked me over as very thorough with my examination, and quick as you please, she gave meet the referral for the dentist. She also got worried at the fact that I apparently gained seven pounds from last year’s weighing, but I laughed it off, saying it’s muscle instead of fat.

So anyway,I head to the dentist’s office to find it closed. They were having their monthly staff meeting, and it was closed for the morning.

This was as much as I could handle for one morning. Two of them, if you count yesterday. I mean, I would never thought that a visit to the doctor’s would have so much bureaucracy in it.

So right now, while I wait for Monday to come, I’m soothing my outrage with a Iced Caramel Macchiato.


The chill is numbing the pain somewhat, but it’s mostly doused with said medication. I just hope that nothing else happens to the tooth.


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