It practically writes itself


So while I was trying to think of what to do for the Writing Challenge III – Review – I thought to myself, well, I can review the Coat. I mean, I finished it Sunday.

The Coat is finished!

Gave it a wash that night through the washer, where it got stretched a bit out of size.

Blocking sweater

And hemmed in the sleeve hems Monday.

Hem sewing in process

As well as trimmed off the sewed-in ends.

All of the woven-in ends

And truth be told, I look downright spiffy in it.


Name: Stacatto by Kristen Kapur
Yarn: I Love This Wool, various colors, also various scrap yarn, all worsted. Of the former, I would have to say seven skeins total.
Needles: US8 of various lengths

Oh gosh, where to start. This is an amazing pattern to knit. As the pattern page says, you can stray from the preplanned stripe pattern, and I did so. I wanted more brighter colors, so I chose a mustard yellow. I wanted a non-red warmth, so terracotta orange. Blue of two shades to ground things a bit. Purple just because. Pale grey for the neutral. Added scraps for fun.

The pattern is supposed to be a hoodie with a zipper band, but instead, I changed it to have no hood, and instead with button bands. Still haven’t found any buttons, but I think it looks amazing without them. Of course, if I do find some worthy enough to grace this coat, I’ll put them on.

If I had to make this again, I would do two things. One would be to make the collar so big/wide. The other would be to sew in the hems after I did the button bands. I did not realize that until I was blocking it.

But now that’s done, let me experiment with pi shawls yet again…


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