I need more coffee.


Ever since I’ve gotten back to the gym, I have woken up with these urge to lift. And so, I get up in the wee morning hours and take the bus to the gym. And I’ve been somewhat consistent of going, lifting as much as I can manage, eating a choco-bar of protein, and going to Starbucks for coffee.

But because of recent events – more on that later – I’ve been getting more into the coffee and skipping the weights. Truth be told, I am getting more aggression out with knitting than the gym. I mean, who can blame me. The urge to lift has sublimed to the urge to knit. For coffee. Whatever.

That and the fact I’m now a level 2.5 Starbucks drinker.


One of these can keep me kinda weird for most of the morning, and thus, gives me energy to lift. Or would, if I kept a working gym schedule.

On the other hand, the cardigan sleeve is slowly inching along.


I wanted it to be finished with the entire thing by today, but my appetite for genuine peace and quiet got into the way of things, making me into somewhat of a slob in more ways than one. I just can’t wait until everything is over.

In the meanwhile, let me get another coffee…


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